Engage with your surrounding
businesses and community

Engaging with your local community and businesses near to you is likely to increase customer volume and have a positive effect on business revenue.

In order to maximise these opportunities, we have developed three distinct programmes tailored to individual needs and challenges, utilising both digital and print assets to support.

Please see below an overview of each programme, a link to the print materials that will be provided and a link to an example web page that can be set up for each confirmed partnership that is developed:
The Three Local Programmes:

Affinity Programme: The Affinity Programme has been designed to target local businesses, providing their employees with exclusive benefits and offers, building long-term relationships with Quick Lane.

Please see the Affinity Brochure here: Affinity Brochure

Please also see an outline of the process here
Good Neighbour Programme: The Good Neighbour Programme has been designed to partner with local community groups; from local sports clubs to educational institutes and more.

This can be done in several different ways from sponsorship, discounted offers right through to rebates for members visiting their partnered Quick Lane.

Please see the link to the Good Neighbour Brochure here: Good Neighbour Brochure

Please also see an outline of the process here
Business Mobility Solutions Programme: The Business Mobility Solutions Programme has been developed to target local organisations that have a fleet of vehicles e.g. taxis, vans, etc.

This programme is designed to regularly maintain and monitor the organisations vehicles, resulting in reduced time of vehicles being off the road (VOR) and ultimately minimising disruption to revenue.

Please see the link to the Business Mobility Solutions Brochure here: Business Mobility Solutions Brochure

Please also see an outline of the process here
Once a partnership has been developed through the QLM (Quick Lane Manager) and Local Operations Manager, a briefing document will be completed for an exclusive web page to be developed for the organisation/group. Please see an example of the page here.
Regular tracking and reporting:

It is crucial to the success of the partnership, that regular communication and updates occur between the centre and the organisation/group. In order to report regularly and monitor communication with the partner, we have set up the following tracking document:

See programme tracker here

If anybody has any questions on the above, please speak with a member of the Quick Lane team.

Kind regards,

John Dines