Q4 Customer feedback campaign – Trustpilot

As you know, at Quick Lane we are committed to providing a friendly, trustworthy and convenient service, giving our customers complete peace of mind at every step.

With this ethos of providing an exceptional customer experience in mind, it is important that we are always looking for ways to improve, which is why we have partnered with Trustpilot to help encourage our customers to leave us feedback on the service they have received at Quick Lane.
About the campaign:

We want your customers to share their experiences to help drive your business forward. The Trustpilot platform provides complete transparency, and is designed to help customers make more informed decisions about the companies they use. By harnessing the power of these reviews, we can improve the reputation (and therefore popularity) of Quick Lane, both locally and nationally, while also getting customer insights into day-to-day service activity.

To launch and promote the Trustpilot platform going live, we are running a campaign to encourage both customers and centre managers to engage with the platform. Our goal for our centre managers is to make this part of the customer service process, guiding all customers to leave feedback on their experience at Quick Lane, ultimately giving us an edge over the competition!

How it works:

Each centre will receive 200 business cards similar to the artwork above. These have been developed to encourage customers to leave a review using an intuitive QR code, which takes them directly to the Trustpilot website (alternatively, they can type in the URL on the card).

The campaign will run from 31/10/19 until 07/12/19, with the aim for each centre to obtain as many customer reviews as possible. Please contact a member of the Quick Lane team if you require more business cards printing – are you up to the challenge?

Team incentive:

These reviews are vital to Quick Lane, as they will help us build our reputation and credibility and, most importantly, help us stand out from the crowd. And to reward your active participation in this campaign, there will be a prize for the centre with the best overall score on Trustpilot!

To be eligible, you must have a minimum of 30 reviews on your Trustpilot location page. At the end of the campaign, the centre with the highest score will be presented with £200 worth of shopping vouchers for their team. Will it be your centre?
If you have any queries with any of the above, please contact your Local Quick Lane Operations Manager.
Good luck!

Kind regards,

John Dines
Operations Director
Quick Lane UK