A new rule is being implemented by Facebook to improve response times, and to also develop and monetise their ‘Messenger’ platform.

The rule is that if a private communication on the Facebook platform has not been responded to within 24 hours, users will no longer be able to respond to that individual unless they message again, which will then reset the 24-hour clock.

This will be phased in by Facebook, but we wanted to let you know now and give you some tips, so you can be well prepared.
To clarify, this only affects private messages on Facebook and does not apply to public comments nor to Twitter communications, but it is equally important to ensure that you are providing fast and accurate responses across both platforms.

Don’t forget that the quicker you respond, the better your response rate and response time badge will be on Facebook, while maintaining a high standard for all responses.

Psst…always make sure that you’re the last person to respond on a private message, as this will help you improve your on-platform response rating too!

Until we have further updates from Facebook, posts will continue to be validated over the weekend period to ensure replies are sent within the 24-hour period. More information to follow.
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