We realise your days are spent nurturing and interacting with the children – messy play…and then cleaning up the messy play – so it can be difficult to find a quiet moment to brief marketing materials to your dedicated agency, Denfield.

To help, we have built a bespoke ‘request form’ on the Hub where you can let us know exactly what you need in less than a minute!

Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to submit a request, plus the link to the form:
1. Your nursery location and name will auto-populate based on the login you are using, so we know straight away who and where the request is coming from.
2. Then, in the ‘Marketing Request’ section, you can click the materials you would like us to create – and yes, you can pick multiple options!
3. There is also a separate ‘Paid Advertising’ section, where you can select any paid activity you would like to run. If you go for this option, Denfield will be in touch to further discuss the details e.g. budget.
4. Next, it’s time for you to tell us what you want to communicate with your audience! In this box you can detail what you would like the main message to be, whether it’s promoting an Open Day or available spaces in your nursery.
5. There is also a section where you can add any extra details – i.e. anything that’s not the main message but that you would still like to communicate. This could be an Ofsted rating or any special offers.
6. The last step is to set your deadline – please note the standard turnaround time for jobs is three working days, so we encourage planning your posts in advance!
7. You are now ready to submit! This request will go directly to us at bananamoon@denfield.co.uk, and we will start working on the request immediately. We will then send the materials back to the email address you used to submit the request, so make sure this is the one you are checking!
If you have any questions or issues, please contact bananamoon@denfield.co.uk
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01926 338497 | info@bananamoonfranchise.com