We’ve previously written a Hub article about our upcoming Social Media Training day, this Friday (29th November), held at Head Office between 9.30am and 2.00pm. One key part of the training is the CrowdControlHQ interactive workshop, which nurseries that haven’t had CCHQ training are encouraged to attend. Here’s why:
What is CrowdControlHQ?

CrowdControlHQ (CCHQ) is an all-inclusive platform that allows you to manage both your Facebook and Twitter accounts in one simple place – from here you can post all of your content, and also manage any comments or messages that come in for either platform.

Using CCHQ is not currently mandatory for nurseries, but will become so in January 2020 – so if you want to get a head start in learning about the platform and how it will make your social media process smoother, this training is a must!

Here are three top benefits of CCHQ:
Consistent content across all platforms

We understand that those of you who manage your nursery’s Facebook account feel that CCHQ would take away the element of having direct access – but this is not the case! CCHQ helps you manage Facebook and Twitter in one space, and includes scheduling tools that help you deliver consistent content across profiles – i.e. you can schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter at the same time with different copy to suit the platform. CCHQ will also help you publish posts at the optimal times, ensuring that audiences are not overwhelmed or ‘starved’ of content at any time.
Visibility of all enquiries

CrowdControlHQ gives you the power to respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently via the Conversations tool. It helps you focus your time and effort where it matters most: on speaking to and engaging with parents and prospective parents. You can even add notes at a person level or conversation level, helping you remain knowledgeable on who you are engaging with and the nature of the conversation – no matter who in your team is responding.

The tool helps you to manage high volumes of enquiries, meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with your fans and followers. The Conversation Log records all activity – including public and private inbound messages – to support customer service continuity.
Staying compliant at all times

CCHQ helps to keep social media activity GDPR-compliant with internal governance policies maintaining accurate records of all interactions stored in the UK. It also automatically keeps a complete record of all social media activity, which helps teams identify potential errors and highlight any training requirements.
Team collaboration

CCHQ offers a team collaboration feature, which provides the team at Denfield and Head Office with full visibility, so they can support you where needed. As part of this it comes with team forwarding, structured workflows and task assignment to ensure the right procedure is followed and the right person is able to take responsibility of each area.
Book your place today!

Not only will our Social Media Training day cover CrowdControlHQ in detail, but you can also learn much more about how to get the most out of your social media. Contact training@bananamoonfranchise.com to book your place!
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