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Congratulations! You are one of five nurseries selected for the first wave of the new Banana Moon Sky AdSmart TV advertisement.

We have been carefully gathering and analysing data from your surrounding area for the TV advert, meaning it will be targeted to local people who are most likely to require childcare services.

This is a fantastic opportunity to increase the exposure of your nursery and its amazing facilities, and therefore increase your enquiries from parents and job applicants. The 30-second advertisement will appear on various Sky channels, reaching thousands of homes – please be mindful of this and prepare your staff for the potential increase in enquiries. Please note that, following each enquiry, a data capture form must be completed, including the ‘where did you hear about us’ section, which will allow us to monitor enquiries.

If you haven’t already seen our amazing advert on our previous email or in your local area, click the link below to view it.

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01926 338497 | info@bananamoonfranchise.com